Welcome to the NASPL Matrix

You may not know that the term “Matrix” means:

 Something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form. Merriam Webster Dictionary

A perfect description of what the association’s new website offers.
There are six areas available.

  • Awards
  • Insights
  • Presentations
  • Research
  • Responsible Gambling
  • Webinars

Each area offers an abundance of information you will not find anywhere else and it’s Another Great Service of NASPL.


Want to review every award entered from the NASPL Annual Conference?

Look no further.

Each awards category winner, the finalists, and entries are all housed on this site. The best part is that each entry can be quickly downloaded.

Waiting for DVDs in the mail is now in the past.


Wish you could review every presentation the association has collected from NASPL Conferences?

Want that inspiring PowerPoint?

Now you can obtain it.

Research (NASPL Resource Index)

Research is now searchable via the NASPL Matrix. Sort, review, and download the most current sales information available in Excel or PDF formats.

Quarterly and Annual Fiscal sales from the NASPL research database can be obtained from this site quickly and easily.


NASPL will release monthly webinars from past speakers and presenters that participated in recent educational events.

If you missed a popular speaker or want to share what you learned with other staff members, then the NASPL Matrix is a formidable resource for your use.

Responsible Gambling

The vast majority of our customers play to support good causes, to have some fun, and win. There are those for whom it’s not a game. When the need presents itself, responsible gambling awareness within the lottery industry will be a source to rely on. Visit this area for the latest training materials and resources.


View the latest news, in-depth articles, and timely research within Insights Magazine. It’s the most comprehensive publication in the Lottery Industry.